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84 Disinfectant

84 disinfectant is a chlorine-containing disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite as the main component, mainly used for disinfection of object surface and environment. Sodium hypochlorite has strong oxidation, can hydrolyze to produce hypochlorous acid with strong oxidation, can oxidize substances with reducibility, so that microorganisms eventually lose function, unable to reproduce or infection.

Factors affecting

  • concentration and time effect: in line with the general rule that the higher the concentration of killing venom, the longer the action time, the better the bactericidal effect;
  • ph: in the family or non-professional use, because of the high acid when the formation of chlorine gas (toxic), so prohibit mixed with acid substances;
  • Temperature: high temperature itself can kill many bacteria, on the other hand can also improve the sterilization of most disinfectants. However, for 84 disinfectant, high temperature will cause hypochlorous acid molecules to decompose, resulting in reduced bactericidal effect. Conventional home use or non-professional use is generally at room temperature;
  • reducing substances: thiosulphate, ferrous salt, sulphide, containing amino compounds and other reducing organic compounds will be the first step with the anti-toxin components of REDOX reaction, resulting in the content of disinfection ingredients, therefore, reducing substances more disinfection effect is lower.


84 disinfectant is colorless or flaxen liquid, and has pungent smell, effective chlorine content 5.5% ~ 6.5%, is widely used in hotels, tourism, hospitals, food processing industry, family and other sanitation disinfection and etc.